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We Buy from people we like. We like the people we think we know – Chris Brogan

We Buy from people we like. We like the people we think we know – Chris Brogan




This morning I went for a stroll with the dog (as you do) and started listening to Chris Brogans Book “Google + for business” . Chris is someone I have a lot of time for, as do many others who graze in the internet paddock!

Enjoyed this Audio book more than i am enjoying trying get it up on Posterous at the moment
Enjoy the read!!

John Davy – Biz Network Guy


Paco is a great friend of many years and is another person who features high in my network of business contacts. We have worked together for some 12 years and grew up together in the event infrastructure industry. I first met Paco in 1999 when I was part of a start up company, called Rola-Trac. Some 12 years later, the pitch flooring systems (we helped develop) have protected football grounds all over the world, when performers such as the Rolling Stones or U2 come to town.. That is just to name a couple! If you want, you could go on with the Police, Bruce Springsteen, the Cure, Robbie Williams, Take that, The Who, Genesis, Bon Jovi and many more yaddah yaddah!.

My friend Paco did the the full pitch infrastrucutre for Coldplay in Madrid. 36 hours later they staged the Copa del Rey Cup final between Madrid and Barce!

Read how they did it on BizNetworkGuy in Full..

John Davy – Biz Network Guy

So there I was sitting in a bar drinking ridiculously expensive Pinot Grigio in Dubai International Airport. I have been away from home for 4 days and this is the 3rd time I have been in Dubai this year. Sounds great but it puts a load of stress on those round you.

Some times it is hard for those you love to understand all the things you do. This may help explain some of the things that happen to me

John Davy – Biz Network Guy

Hope you’re all well? Video post above…

This week has been travel time, with a trip out to Dubai. It has been great on a number of levels. As ususal I have been networking away with a view to selling some kit; in this case Geostrut Carbon Fibre Masts. The trip came about bya spot of luck really. Orginally Craig Barker the CEO of Geostrut USA was going to represent the company interests at the Tetra World Congress in the Dubai Trade Centre.

I got  a call from Craig a couple of weeks back, explaining that his daughter was getting married and that to travel to the show the following day,  was probably a bit troublesome to explain to the family. He asked if I would mind going instead and when he explained that the costs would be covered, it took me approximately a nano second to agree to the trip.

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Contains a video blog on how to get the most out of Trade shows! Especially the slow ones!

Geostrut exhibiting at Tetra World Congress Dubai | Geostrut UK

It is a pleasure to report that Geostrut will be exhibiting at the TetraWorld Congress in Dubai. The congress takes place on 15-17 May 2012 and will be represented by Tony Burton and John Davy.

Tony is the Geostrut representative in Dubai and the UAE as a whole. Tony has decades of experience on telco installations in the UK and the Middle East. On the stand Tony will be joined by keri Burton and John Davy MD of Geostrut UK (International Facilities and Sourcing Ltd.)

Got an interesting trip coming up to go out to Dubai. Read all ablut it