John Davy – Biz Network Guy


Paco is a great friend of many years and is another person who features high in my network of business contacts. We have worked together for some 12 years and grew up together in the event infrastructure industry. I first met Paco in 1999 when I was part of a start up company, called Rola-Trac. Some 12 years later, the pitch flooring systems (we helped develop) have protected football grounds all over the world, when performers such as the Rolling Stones or U2 come to town.. That is just to name a couple! If you want, you could go on with the Police, Bruce Springsteen, the Cure, Robbie Williams, Take that, The Who, Genesis, Bon Jovi and many more yaddah yaddah!.

My friend Paco did the the full pitch infrastrucutre for Coldplay in Madrid. 36 hours later they staged the Copa del Rey Cup final between Madrid and Barce!

Read how they did it on BizNetworkGuy in Full..

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