John Davy – Biz Network Guy

Hope you’re all well? Video post above…

This week has been travel time, with a trip out to Dubai. It has been great on a number of levels. As ususal I have been networking away with a view to selling some kit; in this case Geostrut Carbon Fibre Masts. The trip came about bya spot of luck really. Orginally Craig Barker the CEO of Geostrut USA was going to represent the company interests at the Tetra World Congress in the Dubai Trade Centre.

I got  a call from Craig a couple of weeks back, explaining that his daughter was getting married and that to travel to the show the following day,  was probably a bit troublesome to explain to the family. He asked if I would mind going instead and when he explained that the costs would be covered, it took me approximately a nano second to agree to the trip.

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Contains a video blog on how to get the most out of Trade shows! Especially the slow ones!

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