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And then there was Darkness

It is safe to say I had a hell of a week. All was going swimmingly well until 1045 on Wednesday morning. I was on a business trip to Manchester. I hired a car for the journey and had a good opportunity to meet up with a telecoms company, who were interested in Geostrut. Just before I arrived, the phone went and it was a chap called Chris Knowles.

Chris; I have known for a long time, and he was calling as he had received and odd email. It stated I was in Manilla and had been mugged. My passport and money had been stolen and the request was to help out.

Cold shivers down the spine!

A friend of mine had the same thing happen a year before. Henry works in the music industry, and it was very plausible that he might have been traveling. I run a company called International facilities and sourcing. You can see where people might find it reasonable for me to visit Manilla.

I was inundated with calls over the next hour or so, and contacted my ISP to suspend the account. The damage was done really, as you will note in the video.

The long and the short of it is that I am still not fully back up to speed. I had to review every account I had, and alter passwords / emails or both. I had to check with banks, card companies and write to my entire address book, to inform people that this was a scam.

I am really peeved to say that this was not 100% successful. The cost has been dear to me and to one other as far as I know. A new computer disk and many hours of work to recover.

Do you know the worst bit. I have used Roboform for all my online operations since late last year. It has been a great little investment. All my work with blogging and marketing has used the system to great effect. I regularly change passwords and have hundreds of them. This is not a problem with Roboform, as it memorises all and takes the strain away.

The cock up came in that I did not change some of my original accounts and details over. We are all told to change and manage passwords carefully. We know we should, but on the whole it does not happen. Come on admit it!

I am living proof that this is not a good policy, and I don’t want you to go through this.

I use Roboform and I would highly recommend it. If you don’t have proper password protection, then please do not delay in getting yourself sorted out.

The link will take you to the Roboform site and I want you to know it is an affiliate link. I am an internet marketer (if you didn’t know) and this is how (on occasions) I can make a little back for my efforts. I only recommend items that I use, and like. That is that! You can of course google the site independently if you wish to take a look.

The system is good, there are of course others. My only plea is that you take my advice and find a system that works for you.

Thanks for reading and for the first time watching! Hope you found some value and if you did, please sign up for our email updates with the vast numbers of your peers who have already done so

This is the latest post on BizNetworkGuy. Includes my first Video post. Now theres something to look forward to.

This covers the pretty bad post that got released by accident. Titled Awful trip that cost me some money and a few days


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