Do You Have an Image Problem? Here Are 3 Ways to Solve That | Social Media Explorer

Curating and Collecting Images

It’s no secret that Pinterest is the talk of the town lately. With well over 10 million users and a growth rate that has been outpacing just about every other social web site to date Pinterest has caught the attention of brands and marketers curious how to tap into it’s very active community. I even highlighted a few ways you might use Pinterest for marketing research in a previous post.

A study from Shareaholic shows that, to some publishers,  Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.  The popular site seems to satiate the inner hunter (those scouring the web for great images to pin) and gatherers (those who enjoy collecting and organizing the pins that others share directly on the site) in many of us. Social bookmarking site had a very similar model around sharing and collecting links to sites, but never caught on with mainstream users, likely because collecting text links wasn’t very fun for the average person.

Pinterest is visually rich and feels very much like the experience of window shopping at your favorite mall, enticing you to dive in and out of images that catch your eye or quickly add it to one of your pin boards (a collection of images) to check out later. Bottom line, lots of folks are addicted to Pinterest. Will it’s popularity be sustainable? Only time will tell, but brands like Whole Foods and Lowe’s are creating a presence on the site and seeing a decent amount of engagement.

Pinterest is up an coming with 10m users in a very short time. Take a read it is a very useful tool, not to be ignored


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