Underwater App that helps to break the ice!

Have you ever felt isolated or out of your depth at a conference?

Have you ever been at an event or party, when you don’t know a soul, and no one has a clue who you are?

I have, and it’s no fun. If you have changed jobs recently, or are working in a new industry; then this is a scenario you might be facing right now.

Sonar is a cracking tool that will boost your confidence and put you on the front foot. Even if you are well established in your field, this app will most likely knock your socks off!

Imagine being in a conference room, full of strangers. How good would it be if you could:

  • See who was there at the event
  • Read about their interests and business
  • Identify those with similar interests to you
  • Send them a message with just one click

On top of that, if they are making their thoughts known by posting, you will see what they are thinking in real time.

Useful?…. I think so!

Once you have identified the Dude’s you’re interested in, Sonar makes it easy to message people with a simple click.

Hey, now they know your there too!

To me this is a fantastic aid to meeting people. 99% of the tricky bit, is breaking the ice with strangers. If you have a snippet of common interest, or personal knowledge; it becomes far easier to make an introduction that means something. I would take that every time, rather than starting cold.

Sonar is a mobile application that uncovers the hidden connections you share with people nearby. It bottles up the 99.9% of connections you miss everyday and puts them in your pocket. Yes that’s it! In real time, in the palm of your hand

Sonar facilitates conversation by highlighting shared friends, networks, and interests. It works by using Linkedin, Foursquare,Twitter and Facebook posts; bringing together all who are in your vicinity.

To get started all you do is check in on Sonar. The app works best at large events full of people checking in, like conferences, trade shows or concerts. It’s also great for public venues like parks, cafes and airports.

You can search for “sonar” in the Apple App Store. They are listed as “Sonar – Mobile Profile for Local Social Networking” and “Sonar Media, Inc.

business networking

Sonar – A smart way to see whose about.


Have fun and make friends!

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Thanks for reading.. JD You can see this in Biznetworkguy.com



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