John Davy – Biz Network Guy

The Speed Networker Strikes

I am sitting here at 30,000ft, thinking about a man I met for a few seconds a couple of years ago. I will never forget him (although probably not for any reason that would make him happy).

It was in a building next to Westminster Abbey on a semi interesting mini conference for the UKTI mission for Brasila 2016 (essentially, how to get involved in the Olympics). There were a few players there like Jeff Burke from Es Global and Jo O’Neill from Arena, all keen to listen to the programme that would hopefully lead to the pot of gold in Rio for 14 and 16 (the number refer to the yers of the football World Cup and the Olympics after London….)

After the event there were a few Canapés and an opportunity to chat… Hey, networking!!

On this occasion something happened that gets me now and again. I found it tricky to walk up to people I had never met and make a conversation out of nothing! It happens like that some times. I’m not perfect.

If you’re interested, on other occasions I have no fear at all! I’m into it.  I learn a lot and talk to a few people that I have never met before. After that, you do know them, and if you run into them again it gets easier. That is how it works.

On this day I met my nemesis of this story. I think I saw him before, although I’m not sure as it was all a bit of a blur. All the same, he  approached me with hand outstretched.

Nemesis: “Hi, I’m Terry (made up name). I do this and that… What do you do…?”

JD responds appropriately.

Nemesis: “Do you have a card?” at this point hand is extended with business card offered.

JD, stuttering slightly responds, “oh yes,” hands over card and receives card.

And then he was gone. That was it. The speed was impressive, mission accomplished and job done.

When the shock subsided, I watched the blur continue at a speed that can only be described as awe inspiring. A day or so later I got an email from Terry who, it turned out, had nothing to do with anything I knew or understood.

I now find myself looking for a point to make and am not sure there is one here. I saw something that was alien to me and, more importantly, I don’t now where the value in all that Terry tried to do comes into the big equation.

I think the point would probably be that there is no right and wrong to how you get things done, no way to say you did better than someone else, you just did your thing and it worked for you (Or at least, I hope it worked for Terry).

Speed networking or speed dating, they have their place in this world. Good luck to all that do it (hopefully you can tell that neither are for me, though).

It would be great to know if anyone has any thoughts or experiences to share. It would also be great if you could let me and the rest of us in on the story.



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