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The dangers of not doing it – “The story of Roony”

The dangers of not doing it – “The story of Roony”


The Concert Promoter

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For some reason I had a time in life, when all I wanted to be was a concert promoter.

The dangers of not doing it – “The story of Roony”

For some reason I had a time in life when I wanted to be a concert promoter.

In fact; I lived that particular dream twice, with very different results.

The first one was a little ambitious, putting on a band called “Blue”along with some others including Girls Aloud and one chap I really liked called Mark Joseph. please add link Dom (very underrated you should go take a look!)

The aim was to get around 15,000 (mainly girls)to come along and have a good scream.

All went well in that the got the venue built in a park, the merchandise turned up, as did the bands and the show went on. The one singular thing that was missing was the crowd. We got about 5000 turn up, which was nothing short of a complete disaster! I will not write down how much money I lost on that little venture, but suffice to say it was not a bundle of laughs.

I obviously vowed never to do it again..

That thought stayed with me for about 3 months and then i got a call which really started this story. A man I worked with on the bad show helped me out with some PR. His name is Dan Kirkby (Link to dan please Dom) As we did with everyone else we made sure that Dan got off. We were hurting, but it was clearly the right thing to do. That effort paid off in that Dan came back to me with an idea to stage a tribute show at the Albert Hall in London for Eva Cassidy. (Link The idea was great in that he wanted to use the original artists that Eva Cassidy covered. (Paul McCartney, Sting, Christine McVie etc) and bring in BBC National Radio 2 in the UK to support it.

We got the support of the BBC with one condition. We had to get permission to go ahead from eva’s music company, who was music industry legend Tony Bramwell who originally worked with the Beatles. (link to web site. series of meetings became a whole new story that i might write about on another day, but lets leave it that that the Eva Cassidy project never happened. it is still a good idea for anyone with the nerve to take it on!

During a meeting with Tony he introduced me to someone he was plugging called Paul Millns He gave me a cd; I took it home, stashed it and forgot it.

A year or two later at a dinner party after a few glasses of Red, the subject came up of my mis adventure in music. For some reason I got Paul’s cd out and played ‘when love comes calling” (Link

somebody said, ” He’s good, you should put him on”

Ever heard of the Chaos theory or the sliding door… i walked through!

3 months later we are at the Norwich Art Centre and Paul is lined up to play with Butch Coulter (Harmonica Genius & guitar genius

So now I needed a support act and had recently met my great mate Roony!.

Roony played in bands, but was at a bit of a loose end. I asked him to play and he agreed. He gave me a playlist of cover songs and I pushed him back, saying that I wanted original songs. He had never written a song in his life and I could see the fear in his eyes.

A week later he came back and songs began to emerge. To me they were good songs too and by show night he had four ready to go.

A few weeks later i managed to skank us a day in the Garden Studio in London and Roony recorded ‘lost’ & “blood in your veins” Lost he did in one take. (Link to We drank lots of beer, had a great day and made plans of what was to come next. exciting times. I was back in promotion and had an artist to work wth. Things were going great and Roony promised me a CD of songs in a matter of months.

That was five years ago or more..

Roony and I are still great mates and he still plays covers for a band. The CD has never arrived and it never got to a position where I felt compelled to take action to promote it.

Roony is one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. He is kind and fun to be with. He can be a little sad about things and is the worlds best at giving himself a reason not to do something. Absolute world champ!..

So the result turned out to be…..Nothing. No ones been hurt in the process and life goes on, but if you don’t start it you wont finish it. I am the Biznetworkguy! I had enough contacts and people about me from the music industry that I could have got it heard somewhere. Hey I’m probably going to persuade some of you across to my space to have a listen yourselves.

I have been thinking about writing this for some time, but I had to physically sit down and do it. Some people use the phrase procrastination. (preneaucast podcast link!) it is the killer of all networking and just about most other things you want to achieve. The message here is simple, get amongst it and get at it! You will enjoy the ride.

Talking of which.. Do something positive now and sign up with your friends and mine to Biznetworkguy. ITS FREE AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

Thanks for reading


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