Things that can happen to you in Saudi Arabia (part 1)

Isolated and standing on a trade show stand for two companies that I know very little about, with no representatives for one and the others electing that it isn’t worth being here for 4 hours as the prospective clients wont turn up! This is the way in KSA!

The trade show itself is the SSS Arabia security and safety show. A decent opportunity for my company and MEFAS to get in front of some people in what is effectively oil Town saudi Arabia; at least a town called Al Khobar

Anyways two hours later and there all back, show finishes in an hour today. al khobar for those that don’t know is on the east coast of KSA. In March it is not a bad place to be. Sunny and by the sea when you have just been through an English winter.

Trade shows are really hit and miss affairs and this one is no different. Great plaves to extend the network as long as someone shows up. At this place I am dealing for several UK companies with the aim to meet a shed load of users from over here. As of now I have spoken to a colonel from the Saudi civil Defence force, who was a very nice chap. Best to judge it in 3 days when the show finishes up.

Will report in tomorrow


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