Days in Cairo

I have been in Cairo for two days at a time when the city (and country of Egypt) have been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

It would appear that the areas of conflict and protest are limited and localised. It is clear that Cairo itself is enormous and growing. With a population in the region of 20m the city is committed to build 700,000 new home in every 23 months to replace or expand housing stock.

Driving around the city it is almost beyond comprehension just how much building is going on here. This is with less than ideal political instability. The minute they sort themselves out this ace is going to explode with construction.

The city’s are urbanising at a rate of 2% per year and the Nile valley is running out of space

This means they will be moving into he desert. IFS are here withPhil Woodman of Modular and Volumetric to look into provision of low cost housing on a massive scale

Modular and Volumetric can be described as house building in a the vein of car production. A production line is created for house building. The house is effectively built in the factory, delivered to site and bolted together.

Once factory facilities are in place on a basic level 10-15 apartment units can be created in one day. This number is scalable based on available investment to create more production facilities. It is a long term aim to have production bases all over the middle east in time.

The recent visit to the MENA region has been fascinating and the prospects are exciting. for any comments. Will be happy to hear from you