Day 1 Dubai

G’day Arrived Dubai late last night and after a quick beer retried at 0200. Alarm went off at 0700 which was a bundle of laughs, but managed to get up all the same. First visit of the day was to Al Laith events to meet up with Tony Nobbs. Al Laith are one of the biggest infrastructure suppliers in e GCC region supplying all major events including concerts on the Dubai race course. Amazing place with plenty of interesting sites Next up was a trip out to r Academic City to meet up with Dubai Telecom the principle cell operator in the UAE. Here we were discussing Geostrut and being the first meeting of the tour I was pleased when the audience of interest was over 8 people in a conference room. All wen t well and we hope that progress will follow Next up a meeting with Farid in the Mall of the Emirates. Farid kindly picking up and taking the time to listen to the options mefas and ifs can provide. I took the Metro back to Khaleed bin walked street and am now sitting by the pool of the Ascot hotel Later this evening we are flying to Jeddah. I will update in arrival. Dubai is a great place to visit and I am now looking forward to Jeddah. Great start hope it continues the same All the best… And in the tradition of holiday messages….. Wish you were here! JD

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