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KSA charges ahead with a massive investment programme

If you think too hard about the numbers I assure you that you will throw a piston at some point..

$100 billion development to create 16 nuclear power stations

£3 billion on Solar panels

$66 billion on home construction (500,000 homes) growing to SR384 billion by 2020!

And then twe can start to think about Airports!

I checked out a couple of really useful Middle East news sites and got some very interesting statistics on Saudi Arabian investment strategy and expansion policies. You will not believe the scale of inward investment that is currently being acted on and instigated. Mind boggling quantities of money are being invested in Solar power, nuclear and other alternative energy sources other than the obvious petrochemical route.

I have written a good part of the detail on airport expansion. Areas that IFS/ MEFAS are interested in include Temporary facilities to be created during construction phase to allow use of areas that would otherwise be redundant during the build actions. IFS/ MEFAS can also assist with security infrastructure and Carbon Fibre Technology


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