Tablet Owners Spend More Time and Money Shopping Online [INFOGRAPHIC]

The increasing number of tablet owners in the U.S. is changing the way people shop from in-store to online — 20% of all mobile ecommerce sales now come from tablets and 60% of tablet owners have purchased goods using a tablet.

I read this article this morning and immediately thought I would share it. The article has a great little info-graphic and gives some startling and positive news about the likely increase in online spending generated by users of Tablets.

Online marketing and affiliate sales systems are certainly going to benefit if these predictions come good. More and more people will be entering the internet marketing environment in coming years to get some part of that expected $31 billion US spend expected by 2016.

IFS and others have been and will continue to focus on this sector. I would gladly respond to any feedback or ideas on this subject

Rapid Growth of the African Cell Phone Market >> globalEDGE: Your source for Global Business Knowledge

Rapid Growth of the African Cell Phone Market

IFS is looking at the “Geostrut solution” for optimising mobile markets in Europe and further afield. The market growth potential in the likes of Africa and 4g roll out in Europe and the middle east makes for exciting times.

Sarah Vogels article highlights the massive growth that is currently taking place in Africa and beyond. Accessibility is a problem that can be in part solved by use of the Geostrut carbon fibre systems. More to Follow

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China still shines | Global Perspectives | Financial Post

China still shines

  Nov 4, 2011 – 8:00 AM ET | Last Updated: Nov 8, 2011 4:52 PM ET

Michelle Siu for National Post

Michelle Siu for National Post

Willy Kruh, global chair of consumer markets for KPMG International.

Everybody is looking for the new China — and the simple answer is: China,” says Willy Kruh, global chair of consumer markets for KPMG International. Although many countries have emerged as the competitors of China, the country still remains as the dominant choice for sourcing for consumer goods companies.

The Chinese juganaut continues according to Willy Hugh from KPMG. I found this article interesting covering a country that is so vast and diverse, that you ignore it at your risk.

Some of the numbers are simply staggering and it makes China that pre-eminent sourcing location for the world. It is not all plain sailing for China with larger wage bills and demands creating their own Pressure.

Read Willy’s thoughts and get a view from KPMG’s perspective.

Supporting TSG in Glasgow

Sub floor construction site

TSG are building a level platform to support the ice rink in George Square , Glasgow.

Weather conditions being surprisingly good have helped with. Complicated build programme

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